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Welcome to Taiga Journeys
Wilderness Trips in Canada's North

We invite you to explore the fascinating landscape of the Yukon, Canada. Join us on a hike, a paddle, a winter adventure or retreat to a cozy log cabin on a secluded lake. Let us help you plan your individual Yukon Journey.

The Taiga (also called the Boreal Forest) is a large and very diverse eco-region in the north. Taiga stands for the pristine nature of the Yukon and reflects what Taiga Journeys wants to share with you.

Taiga Journeys is operated by Andrea and Christoph Altherr, former owners of a wilderness lodge and renowned for their professional services to travelers.

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Caribou in fall alpine

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Yukon sled dogs resting
Yukon Camp Fire
Sheep in Kluane National Park
Teslin River