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Yukon Hiking Adventure

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Hiking in the Yukon is fun!

Seven dayhikes out of Haines Junction combine the best of two worlds: We get into great back country without having to carry heavy backpacks or doing without a cozy bed. Day trips of 3 to 8 hours* will bring us into unrivalled wilderness. The trails will lead us from the boreal forest to the alpine. We will have ample opportunity to observe nature, take pictures and enjoy spectacular vistas. While visiting a traditional fishing camp, you will experience the local First Nation’s history of the region.
*Gladly we consider the wishes of the participants in planning the routes.

Dates 2016: June 16 to 24 / September 9 to 17

9 days from / to Whitehorse

Group size:
3 to 8 guests

Skill level:
Novice to intermediate


$1985 CAD per person + 5% GST
single supplement hotel and cabin $820 CAD per person + 5% GST
also available for 2 guests, an additional fee applies.


- All transportation described in this itinerary
- Hotel in Whitehorse
- Accomodation of various styles (no camping) in and around Haines Junction
- Breakfast and snacks during trip
- Professional guide services for the duration of the trip
- All necessary equipment for the hiking trip
- Park fees and admissions


Day 1:  Whitehorse
We are meeting in the afternoon for trip preparation and a visit to the Beringia Interpretive Center. Here you'll get an insight into our heritage as we introduce you to the rich history of the region. Overnight in your downtown hotel.

Day 2: Haines Junction
We will meet in the morning and leave the city westwards on the Alaska Highway. After a drive of 2 hours we will arrive in Haines Junction where we will spend the afternoon visiting the National Park Center and head out for an interpretive two hour hike along the Dezadeash River. Accomodation in Haines Junction.

Day 3 and 4: Day hikes out of Haines Junction
We are heading out for day hikes (4-6 hours) based out of Haines Junction. We will have time to explore, observe and study nature. In addition, on one afternoon we will visit Klukshu village, a traditional First Nation fishing village, and learn about their cultural heritage. Optional sight seeing flights out of Haines Junction over the St. Elias Mountains and their extensive ice fields are possible.

Day 5: Day hike in the Tatshenshini – Alsek Park
Today we are heading to the Haines summit for a day hike in the alpine and overlooking the Samuel Glacier. Hiking time 5 hours.

Day 6: Explore around Kluane Lake
We will drive north to explore the northern part of the National Park. Here we start a full day hike (6 hours) into spectacular mountains. A highlight of the trip! We will spend the next three nights in an outpost near Kluane Lake.

Day 7: Sheep Mountain
Sheep Mountain - home of a large population of Dall sheep - is the destination for today. Hiking time 6-8 hours. Upon our return we will visit Sheep Mountain Center on Kluane Lake.

Day 8: Kluane - Whitehorse
On our way back to Whitehorse we will either enjoy a shorter hike or visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. In the evening we will return to Whitehorse. Overnight in downtown hotel.

Day 9: Whitehorse
We bring you to your flight home or you continue your own journey.


- Trip cancellation, travel and medical insurance
- Meals in Whitehorse and on the road
- Dinner in Haines Junction & Kluane
- Additional cost for single accommodation
- Sightseeing flight in Haines Junction
- Items of personal nature and souvenirs

Things to know:

Changes in the itinerary due to weather and trail conditions are a possibility
You will be required to sign a release of liability and waiver of claims prior to the trip

Hiking in Kluane National Park offers
- back country hiking in one of the last true wilderness areas left on the planet.
- undisturbed nature, solitude.
- easy access to boreal forest, alpine slopes and mountain vistas.
- observation of wildlife.
- study of plants and their adaptation to the environment.
- great photo opportunities.
- place to marvel at a vast wilderness.
- challenging outdoor experience and enjoyment.

The Kluane National Park Hiking Guide by Vivien Lougheed

Would you like to extend your Yukon journey?
ask us about possible add-ons:
- rafting in the Tatsheshini Alsek Park.
- canoe on the Dezadeash or Takhini River
- retreat to a Yukon cabin on a secluded lake

About Kluane National Park
Kluane National Park (pronounced "Kloo - wah – nee) covers an area of 21,980 square kilometers. It is a land of an impressive diversity. The extensive mountain massive of the Wrangell – St. Elias chain is part of the Kluane National Park. Mount Logan, 5959m, Canada's highest mountain, is within the park boundaries. The park has the most extensive non-polar ice fields in the world. The park protects valleys and alpine tundra that yield a unique array of plant and wildlife species. Kluane has the largest diversity of pacific and arctic flora north of the 60th parallel. Summer wildflowers include arctic poppies, purple saxifrage, mountain heather, and moss campion. Animal populations include dall sheep, mountain goats, moose, caribou, grizzly, marmot, ground squirrel and pika. The bird life is equally diverse and ptarmigan, owls, eagles and peregrine falcons can be encountered.


Kluane National Park Reserve is located in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory, bordering on British Columbia and Alaska. The reserve was established in 1976. The gateway to activities in the park is Haines Junction, which is about 160 km west of the Yukon's capital, Whitehorse. Kluane and its American counterpart, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, were jointly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Kluane is located in the Boreal Cordillera and Pacific Maritime Eco zones.

Link:  Kluane National Park


Hiking along Kluane Lake Yukon
find a treasure along a hike
Yukon Mountain Hiking
Yukon Plantlife
in Kluane Park with Fraenzi
Upper Rose Lake, Yukon

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