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Yukon Dog Sledding

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Together with a well-known musher family we are pleased to offer you the most authentic dog-sledding trips in the Yukon. This musher family lives year-round in the Yukon wilderness and is guiding dog sled trips since more than 20 years.
Whether your trip includes a stay in their home cabins, a camp-out on the trail, or an extended expedition; you are welcome to join and come home to the beauty of Yukon Winter.

Dog Sledding Weekend, 3 days
Don't have much time but want to experience an unique getaway? Enjoy a home-style welcome and a spectacular week-end of dog sledding in the Yukon.
On Saturday we pick you up in Whitehorse, then drive to Lake Laberge where you meet the dog teams. After basic instruction on driving a dog sled, we will head out on the lake with the dog teams. We will stop for a campfire lunch on the way home. Overnight is at our wilderness cabins OR you can try winter camping in a trapper-style wall tent heated by wood stove.
Another day of dog sledding on spectacular trails, with a campfire picnic lunch! Overnight in cabins or heated wall tent. Monday after breakfast we return by dog team across the lake. Transfer to Whitehorse.

Dates: Weekends from January to early April
Duration: 3 days from/to Whitehorse
Skill level: Novice
Rate: $ 1040 CAD per person + 5% GST

Dogs & Cabins, 4 ½ days

Our cabin-based trip offers a home-style welcome and mushing instruction for guests who like to start small and progress at their own rate. From the very beginning you will learn how to harness the dogs and drive a dog team, first on easy trails, then progressing to more challenging routes as your skills increase. Accommodation in cabins at the musher’s homestead at Lake Laberge.

flexible to meet your travel plans
Duration: 4 ½ days from/to Whitehorse
Skill level: Novice
Rate: $ 1690 CAD per person + 5% GST

Yukon Cabins & Wilderness Camp, 7 days
This mushing trip is similar to the shorter cabin-based dog-sledding, but also includes one camp-out night with your dog team. You will again start on easy routes and then progress to more challenging trails. Later-on we pack up the sleds and head out for an overnight camp-out; a wonderful way to spend time on the trail with your dogs. We cook outside over a fire and share all camping chores. For the night we stay in a walltent heated by a wood stove. The next morning we return with our dog team to the home cabins for the final night.

Sunday to Saturday from January to March
Duration: 7 days from/to Whitehorse
Skill level: Novice to intermediate
Rate: $ 2625 CAD per person + 5% GST

Camp & Yukon Quest Trail, 10 days
This trip begins with 3 days of training with the dog teams, based from the musher’s home cabins. Then we head out for the two day journey to a beautiful hut on the Yukon Quest trail. On the way we will camp musher-style before we reach the trail-cabin on the next day. There we have the choice of taking different daytrips to Frank Lake or towards Braeburn, or you may also take the opportunity for a rest day at this awesome spot. This remote location is also great to gaze at the bright stars and marvel at the northern lights. On Day 8, we hitch up the dog teams for the trip back home. Depending on trail conditions, we may make the trip back to the home cabins in one day or may have to camp again along the trail. Once at home it’s time for a last run with your team and to say good bye to your dogs and hosts.

available February and March
Duration: 10 days from/to Whitehorse
Skill level: Intermediate
Rate: $ 3750 CAD per person + 5% GST

Included in all trips:

  • Pick-up and drop-off in Whitehorse
  • Meals and snacks at the home base at Lake Laberge and during the trip
  • Professional guide services for the duration of the trip
  • All necessary non-personal equipment for the trip

Things to know for all winter outings:
Northern winters are cold but dry. From February to April you can expect lots of sunshine with day temperatures between -5  and -30 Celsius. At night, the temperature may drop further down. The ice on the lake is about 50 to 70 cm strong with a snow layer of 20 to 50 cm. Although you will be well cared off, good physical health is a must. Besides riding the sleds your help with dog care is part of these trips too.

Be aware: Adequate clothing is essential and proper foot wear is imperative! On request a winter clothing package (parka, snow pants, boots, mitts, hat and scarf) can be rented for $185/week and sleeping bag with polar fleece liner for $70/week. Clothing items or sleeping bag liner can also be rented individually.

Extend your winter experience and stay at our cozy cabin on a secluded lake, nestled in the rolling hills of southern Yukon, not far from Whitehorse. They are available year-round. Click here for more info.


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Yukon dog team near mountains

coming home after a fun day of dog mushing


dog team on lake laberge, Yukon
tired after an exciting day


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